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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can a care manager do for me?
    Geriatric care managers: Discuss difficult topics and complex issues Make home visits and suggest needed services Address emotional concerns Make short- and long-term plans Evaluate in-home care needs Help select care personnel Coordinate medical services Evaluate other living arrangements Provide caregiver stress relief The cost of an initial evaluation varies, but depending on your family circumstances, geriatric care managers might offer a useful service to help family members stay in touch. Geriatric care managers charge by the hour. Most insurance plans don't cover these costs, and Medicare does not pay for this service. Source:
  • Why do I need delegation services?
    The level of cognitive and physical disability are the drivers of the decision whether a person needs delegation or not. In adult family homes, this is determined by a qualified assessor or the home's nurse delegator. Usually, the nurse is the one who performed the admission assessment, annual reassessment, or significant change reassessment. The decision is based on state rules and guidance.
  • Are you licensed and insured?
    Yes, Peace at Home Nursing Services is fully insured and our nurses are licensed to practice nursing in Oregon and Washington.
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