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  • Amanda Bellus

How can my nurse delegator help me and my clients?

As I have been navigating being a nurse delegation provider for the last several years, I have come across many who are not aware of the many benefits of having a nurse delegator as a partner in care. Completing your 90-day visit doesn't just have to be another chore that doesn't actually help you or your clients.

First, nurse delegators can be a wonderful advocate for your clients and for you! Do you feel like doctor's offices never call you back or don't respond to your faxes? Enlist your nurse delegator if you are having trouble! We are not miracle workers but at times can get a faster response. We can also talk to family members or POA's to help bridge the gap or open up communication a bit more. And, probably most importantly, for the clients themselves, we are a listening ear. Having better communication among everyone helps to create higher satisfaction in your clients and their families, which in turn helps you and your business thrive.

Secondly, nurse delegators actually help you to be able to have clients in your home at all! Without us, those who have nurse delegation needs would have to be in a skilled setting (nursing home), which costs a lot more! So, ultimately we are helping people save money and helping you to be able to have these clients in your home/business. And don't forget about the paperwork! Oh, the paperwork ... I know, it's a lot. Poor trees....

Do you have a question about a skin condition or wonder whether you should send your client to urgent care? Disclaimer: if your client is experiencing anything that you perceive to be life threatening or requiring immediate treatment, by all

means, call 911! However, if you just don't know and need confirmation from a professional, give your nurse delegator a call or text and we will do our best to guide you in the right direction.

Have a question or concern about a specific medication or task? Need more training on a subject? You got it, call or text us! Just remember, we can't help you if you don't ask . We want to be your partners in providing great care for your clients and are here for you when you need us.


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