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  • Amanda Bellus

It's Baseball Season! And a new season in business...

It's my favorite time of year!! This baseball mom is cherishing these days as my son is a junior in high school and we don't know yet if he will play in college. I'm going to enjoy every at bat and pitch as much as possible because in a few short years this stage of life will be done. It's sad to think about. I have enjoyed watching him so much!

It's Baseball Season! And a new season in business...

He plays first base, third base, and pitches. He works hard, is a great teammate and loves the game. He is a solid pitcher and a good hitter and I'm just so proud to be his mom if you can't tell! First game is Friday!!

It's also a new season in my business! I have hired my first employee! She is 1 month in and starting to do some delegation visits on her own. She is rocking it! It feels so good to have some pressure off of me to do every single thing in this growing business. The next thing I will be doing is hiring a personal assistant to do some of my admin tasks, which are also growing now that I have an employee. It feels like I have truly "leveled up" my business!

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